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Detox 2020: How To Let Go Of The Human Mind

Detox 2020: How To Let Go Of The Human Mind

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Detox 2020: How To Let Go Of The Human Mind by Jae McPherson

In the midst of global upheaval, Jae McPherson—known as Jungle—offers "Detox 2020," a 10-part auditory journey designed to reshape how you interact with your mind and the world around you. Released as the world paused at the edge of the pandemic, this series is more than just an audiobook; it’s a profound exploration into freeing yourself from the confines of ordinary thinking.

What’s Inside:

  • Prophetic Insights: Experience Jae’s sharp, prophetic clarity as he maps out global events with stunning accuracy, providing listeners with a unique perspective on world dynamics.
  • Philosophical Guidance: Before he set off to explore the world, Jae created this auditory experience to share his philosophy. He challenges listeners to let go of their fears, tap into their hidden potentials, and dare to live beyond their wildest dreams.
  • Actionable Steps: Each part of the series offers not just insights but practical advice on how to realign your principles, commit to your self-growth, and take control of your destiny.

Embark on Your Odyssey: Prepare to transform your understanding of possibility. "Detox 2020" isn’t just a listening experience; it’s a doorway to personal revolution. Choose your ideal setting, get comfortable, and start your journey toward a radical, irrevocable transformation.

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