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The Mystical Qabalah - Dion Fortune

The Mystical Qabalah - Dion Fortune

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Author: Dion Fortune

Book Description:

Regarded as an occult classic and a bestseller that continues to capture growing interest, "The Mystical Qabalah" by Dion Fortune is a definitive guide to the esoteric tradition of the Qabalah. Dion Fortune, a trailblazer in spiritual writings, provides a clear and comprehensive exploration of this ancient wisdom, making it accessible to a modern audience.

This influential work connects the intricate teachings of the Qabalah with a range of philosophical thought, integrating Jewish traditions, which may date back to the Babylonian captivity, with Eastern and Western philosophies and Christian theological insights. Fortune’s text offers an insightful explanation of the Qabalah, addressing the complex interplay of "the Many and the One"—a fundamental paradox of a unified divine reality amidst diversity, as seen in monotheistic beliefs.

Structured around the ten schematic "God-names" or Sephiroth, each chapter delves into different divine attributes, from the Spiritual Source and the interplay of Force and Form, to the principles of Love and Justice, the unifying Christ Force, and beyond. The book covers the roles of Aesthetics, Logic, the dynamics of the human Psyche, and culminates in the physical manifestation of life on Earth.

"The Mystical Qabalah" remains a seminal work, praised for its clarity and depth, providing a detailed roadmap of the underlying spiritual structure that influences the evolution of life and consciousness.

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