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The Magickian: A Study in Effective Magick

The Magickian: A Study in Effective Magick

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Discover the potent secrets of Magick with this practical guide, focused on the ancient and powerful Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram. Ideal for those new to Magick or who have faced challenges in ritual practice, this book strips away the superstitions that have long obscured the true power of these rites.

Author Cooper clarifies the ritualistic practices, enabling quick and effective results. Beginning with foundational concepts, he guides readers through a series of escalating exercises, culminating in a deep understanding of Magick's principles and the versatile applications of the Pentagram ritual.

The book also details essential preparations such as setting up a temple, crafting an Inner Temple, selecting appropriate attire and colors, timing rituals strategically, and leveraging planetary energies aligned with personal astrology. Packed with practical tips, Cooper's insights help clear obstacles, harness creative intention, and shield against negative energies or psychic attacks, ensuring this is a guide to Magick that truly works

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