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The Kybalion: Hermetic Philosophy

The Kybalion: Hermetic Philosophy

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The authors of this book (the keepers of this knowledge/ wisdom) are 3 anonymous ‘Initiates’ utilizing Hermetic Principles, passed down to wise “King” Solomon (whose name means “3 lights”, and who lived from 970-931 BCE). These Principles were then later passed down through the portals of the Ancient Mystery Schools 3 ½ centuries ago. Thus, information from that time has been slowly and carefully transmitted through many generations of those who have had the burning desire to question their existence on earth and want to know how they fit into the scheme of things, among other things. Information continued to be guarded by presenting allegorical ‘stories’ and being part of ‘initiations’ of learning and then having that knowledge themselves if they are deemed wise enough to use it properly. Only then could an ‘initiate’ progress onto even higher levels of thought and activity.

Attaining wisdom in this way, from mouth-to-ear, this information was safely spread far and wide, and ‘nuggets of truth’ were written allegorically in order to deter or confuse those who didn’t have the correct knowledge ‘base’ to understand it or misuse the information.

✔️“The lips of wisdom are closed, except to Understanding.”

✔️Understanding leads to wisdom.

✔️Esoteric wisdom for living with power and purpose.

✔️Wisdom can be passed on but only to those who are willing to experience themselves.

✔️The universe is run by a set of laws. The Kybalion gives us a glimpse of these.

✔️Creating mental and spiritual riches: wisdom.

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