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Feeling Is the Secret - Neville Goddard

Feeling Is the Secret - Neville Goddard

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In "Feeling is the Secret," Neville Goddard offers a profound insight into the power of personal feelings and subconscious beliefs in shaping one's reality. This compelling book reveals the fundamental principle that your emotional state directly influences what you attract into your life. With clear and concise explanations, Goddard explains how to harness the transformative power of feelings to manifest your desires.

The core message is simple yet powerful: the feelings you nurture within are mirrored in the external world. The book guides readers through practical steps to master their minds and emotions, teaching how to embody the feeling of the wish fulfilled. Through illustrative examples and accessible techniques, Goddard invites you on a journey to discover how to change your internal states to create external circumstances that reflect your aspirations and dreams.

"Feeling is the Secret" is an essential read for anyone interested in the law of attraction, the power of positive thinking, and personal transformation. It is a timeless reminder that by changing how we feel, we can fundamentally change our lives.

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